Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Innovation Journal: Week Three

Week Three of my Service Innovation Management Class is all about moving to the next step in the process:  "Explore".  How do we know when to move on?  It may never really be clear, but deadlines tend to focus people around moving to the next phase.  In our case, the partner at Gravity Tank that we have been working with, Shailesh Patel, was instrumental in getting us to focus, understand what we had already accomplished and progress to the next stage.  

It is important to remember that including the end user in the both the Explore and Discover phases is paramount. The Explore phase is about getting a broad understanding and Discover is about starting to connect the dots.  It's useful to talk to the customer during the Discover phase to make sure one stays on the right track, keep the team's thinking relevant and aslo to iterate your problem solving.  Your understanding of the problem will likely evolve - so should your solution.

Our team's assigned problem is "Project Management for Facebook."  More on what we are learning in a subsequent post.

[Photo via The Woods.]

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